The Day FINALLY Came!

Oh. My. Gosh. I did it! I completed the 30 for 30!!! Can you believe I did it? I'm not even sure I can haha. I wanted to end the 30 for 30 with a bang, but I have had 4 tests and a project to do in two days, so you should be able to understand when I just say I threw these on because they were there and I didn't want to try and match up more 30 for 30 items.\\

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Thrifted
Blouse? Forever 21
Jeggings? Charlotte Russe
Shoes? Thrifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 10
Original? 4
Did I Like It?  6
Overall? 6.5

So now...let's just do a little recapitulation of the challenge, shall we? Here's a collage of all my outfits (if you want to see all of the post, just click on the 30 for 30 label at the bottom of this post).

Wow, lots of outfits and only 30 items. That is AWESOME! Looking at them all together makes me look proud. To view the items that I chose and the rules and stuff, go to THIS POST.

Top 5 Favorite Outfits:

Bottom 5 Outfits:
  -Woman in Black
  -Cooking With Kiki
  -Picture Pooper
  -(I didn't post like two days which I will update someday, but I think one of those is on this list..there's just nothing to link it to.

Most Worn Item(s): I wore my yellow cardigan 5 times, these jeggings 7 times, and these boots 10 times

Least Worn Item(s): These red/purple boots, this denim skirtthis skirt, and this skirt were all worn once each

What I Learned:
  -The 30 for 30 is not impossible! If I can do it, you can do it too!

  -When you only have 30 items and you lose one (this gray cardigan), it's a big deal. Suddenly you have much less possibilities. After all, 30x30= 900, while 29x30=870. Not huge, but it does matter. I hope this doesn't sound bad at all, but it kind of helped me to realize how people who are poor or who don't have a lot of clothes feel. I love clothes, but they've kind of lost their value to me. If I lose one shirt, it's not a big deal because I have tons more, but when you only have a few shirts and you lose one, it stinks big time.

  -I have so many clothes and I am SO blessed. I never realized how many clothes I had until I only had 30. This challenge made me so grateful for the clothes I have and it makes me want to give back. Actually there's a clothing swap on BYU campus this Saturday so I'm going to take as many clothes as I can, because whatever doesn't get swapped will go to a refugee center which I think is great! If you're in the Provo/Utah county area, you should go too! The facebook event page is here for more info.

  -I'm glad I have a lot of clothes to make outfits and stuff. Otherwise I think I'd get really lazy like I started to get at the end of this.

  -Not shopping (mostly) for 30 days was hard but very healthy. And I saved money. And now I don't feel like I need to go shopping as much because I feel like I have so many clothes and stuff, so I can go shopping in my own closet!

-I love clothes and fashion. I knew that before and this challenge reaffirmed it. I don't know what it is, but I love fashion so much. Remixing is the best thing on the planet. For me anyways. Fashion is my passion. I live it and I LOVE it!


  1. First of all, I love the braiding! I'm constantly having to remind myself that I really do like my hair shorter, but it's tough to do when I see people playing with their long hair in such fun ways. Thanks a lot, jerk! =) Juuuuuust kidding.

    And also, so glad you mentioned the BYU clothing swap thing! I'm there, fo shizzle.

  2. I am so proud of you!!
    I loved how you said that now you can just go shopping in your closet.
    Bahaaa. I love this. And you.


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