Festival of Colors!

Yesterday I went with my roommates and some people from my ward to the Festival of Colors. It's so crazy fun! It's held once a year in Spanish Fork at the Hindu (i think?) temple in Spanish Fork. You go and they sell this colored chalk dust that everyone throws in the air and its gets everywhere and all over. Everyone wears crappy clothes because they get stained and gross afterwards. It was super fun to just throw chalk and get it everywhere. I felt like a little kid. ;) Afterwards, one of our friends brought a leaf blower from work and we blew off as much chalk as we could so the car didn't get super dirty. We put trash bags everywhere on the car so we didn't stain it. We came home though and we were just exhausted. We ended up walking (and kinda running ha) a lot because our car was parked like two miles or so away from the place because so many people went! So we just went home and chillaxed and watched chick flick. Oh goodness it was a great day. I love my roommates!
Walking to the Hindu temple!
Before colors...
Game faces ;)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I think I would even like to go to that--maybe next year. The colors are so vibrant and alive. Very fun!!!!

  2. Wow! Thats really cool. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the colors. Ive seen this festival (on tv) celebrated in India. I think its beautiful. Sign me up for next year! :)


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