Apricot Lane Boutique Opening!

Okay, so basically I just have to say that I really LOVE boutiques. Like love them with a fiery-passion-burning-in-my-soul-that-you-could-roast-marshmallows-on-them type of passion. Yes. I just think they are so fun to walk around and look at and buy all the cute stuff! Boutiques are just SO cute and vintage-y! Love them!

Unfortunately there aren't a ton of boutiques in the Provo area, but fortunately for me (and all of you Provo-ans) there is a new boutique opening! Be excited! Apricot Lane Boutique will be opening up in Provo by the Riverwoods shops (like where Borders, Malawi's Pizza, Color Me Mine, and the Provo Beach Resort are). And guess what else? They're having a grand opening on April 8th-10th! As if the words "grand opening" didn't appeal to you enough, there's more! The store is gonna be holding a Grand Opening Sweepstakes where they're giving out shopping sprees worth $350, $100, and $50. Free money (if you win obviously haha)! And even if you don't win, they'll be having a 25% off storewide sale.

So basically, you need to check this place out. They sell apparel that come from brands that actual celebrities wear and also have lots of other clothes, accessories, and bags to match it all up with.

And in the end, it's a boutique. Do you need much more reason to go than that? I think not. I will be there sometime that weekend so you should be too! Yay! Go boutiques! (too bad they don't have boutique cheerleaders because I'm pretty sure I would totally make the team ha ;)).

For more info, their website is here. See you there!

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