In the Library Like Every Other College Student in the World

I'm just on one of the library computers right now and of course what else would I decide to do but blog? Right now...

...it's snowing outside, but its not cold (I'm wearing capris, a light sweater, and sandals) and the skies are blue...Utah weather is so strange.

...it's Tuesday, which means only 3 days left to Friday!

...i'm waiting to go to class in twenty minutes.

...i'm hungry.

...I am wearing some heels and loving them. The click-click I hear every time I walk just makes me so happy inside. I feel so classy! (Except I probably look a little klutzy when I fall or let my heel slip multiple times throughout the day :P)

...I have a bruise on my right shoulder that has gone from just a pink dot, to being a faint blue, and now a gross yellow. Cool. I love bruises. Let's be honest here. I got it after accidentally whamming my shoulder into one of those little pole things that socks hang on in stores. Definitely switched up things in the bookstore after that incident, because as cool as bruises are, let's be honest again and say THEY HURT.

...I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow morning. Oh well, that's what no sleep is for, right?

...my hair is curled. I love it when my hair is curled.

...I just realized I'm going to a wedding reception on Thursday and I have no gift. GAH! Also I have no money. Problem...any solutions?

...I'm missing my family.

...I'm getting a little bored of this post and thinking of things to say so I'm gonna go....BYE!! :D

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  1. Love this post. Brings back so many memories. :)

    I love you, Kailee!

    BTW...Yep, you are my niece that I tagged!

    Second, Julio and I got a hymn book from one of our friends with a nice note written in side. It is cheap, but I have always loved it. Maybe you can do something like that.

    Good luck with your test.


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