I've been feeling insecure lately...I think that's why I haven't posted an outfit since Monday. We all get this way don't we? I've still been dressing cute, I just didn't feel like posting. But I forced myself to go find a place and take pictures with my tripod. Thank goodness I did too, because I really liked these pictures and got me over my recent fears and thoughts. It's funny because I look at other fashion bloggers and think the world of them, like, "Wow they're so cool, they have it all put together," or "I bet they never get insecure because they always have such cute outfits." But that's probably so untrue. I know I get insecure ALL the time. I definitely don't have it put together and I always get nervous one of these days everyone won't like one of my outfits and I'll see my blog an hour later with no followers. That stuff really shouldn't matter to me, but unfortunately, it sometimes does. I do love blogging though. So I'm glad I took pictures. I like how I look in these ones too. :)

I've decided that one of my goals in life lately is going to be to try and be more real. We are all real, but how many of us are really honest with what is going on in our lives all the time. One of the "real" people I really admire is Busy Bee Lauren. She's honest about what goes on in her life, and I (and other people) just love her more when she's real. I get so scared that people will learn about how messed up and imperfect I am and then they'll hate me. But in reality, they will just love me more. Because we're all messed up and we're all imperfect. The world would seriously be an amazing place if we all just tried to be a little less perfect. I liked reading this article about perfectionism. Anyways, just needed to get that out.

Do you ever feel like you have to impress everyone too? Or do you try to be as honest and as real as you can be?

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? F21
Yellow Tank? Mervyns
White tee? Down East Basics
Gold Necklace? Rue 21
Other necklace? F21
Capris? Ross
Shoes? Thrifted

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 7
Original? 7
Did I like it? 7
Overall? 7 (I guess it was just a 7 outfit? Haha..)


  1. I la-la-LOVE this outift! It's probably one of my favourite outfits you've posted! The yellow/blue combo looks great on you, and your hair looks awesome!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I love seeing what you put together :)

  2. You look completely adorable in this. And thank you for being REAL. Everyone in this world needs to work on being more REAL.

  3. I love that blue & yellow together.
    So cute!

  4. your pictures are cute. and i don't really find myself struggling to be real, but i do struggle with insecurity -- maybe because i'm not pretending, i feel even more vulnerable. i think the blog is helping with that, though. thanks for being real yourself. :)


  5. wow, what a refreshingly honest post! how brave of you to be so open. thank you for sharing, i definitely struggle with insecurities as well, i think we all do, don't we? good for you for doing something about it and taking the tripod out and taking these adorable pictures!!
    we're following!


  6. I love this outfit & I love how you hooked the belt. Suuuper cute. i also love the bag. I just got a bag like it at DI last week :) I've been using it everyday!

  7. I think it would be hard to have a blog like this because you are constantly putting yourself out there. But you do it flawlessly! You are bound to have insecure days...we all do :)


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