From Happy Valley to Sin City

K I'm not gonna do the challenge anymore. I hate giving up on it (believe you have no idea how much I HATE giving up on things!) but I want to be able to keep blogging about my life and such without having to worry about the challenge. So maybe another time. I did enjoy the posts that I did though!

So..update? Not too many exciting things have happened. But life is great and continues to be great! I love my roommates so much, you have no idea! They have quickly become some of my best friends..we have lots of fun together and I just love living with them. I'm so excited to live with them this spring/summer as well as all of next year! YAY! Just this past weekend, I went with two of my roommates, Katie and Heidi, and another one of our friends Aliseea to Las Vegas! Party! I actually have never been on a road trip with just friends but I had a real blast. We went for the NCAA basketball championship game (can you say JIMMER?!) and although the game was a terrible loss, we had an absolutely wonderful time on the trip. As well as 265 pictures to show for it :D I had my camera out pretty much the whole time. So I won't post every single one on here cuz that would just kill your poor eyes, but take a look at the crazy and fun times we had!

We stayed with some friends of my grandparents (my grandparents were also there for the game) which was so nice so we didn't have to pay for a hotel. We drove Friday (March 11) night leaving at 5 PM so we didn't get to the house until like 11 PM. We stopped in St. George on the way and ate a late dinner at Wendy's..haha yum... ;)
We wanted to walk the strip a little bit so we went that night until about 2:30 AM. Vegas is crazy at night! Everyone is drunk and all the girls were wearing super high stiletto heels and tiny tube top dresses. I cannot believe it's like that every single night there. Insane.
We wanted to see the Bellagio fountains but found out they finished at midnight so we were too late. So we just wandered around and went in the Bellagio and saw the conservatory that was really pretty. We couldn't walk around it all because they were still working on it. Oh and on the way to the Bellagio we saw some of the top designer stores (they were closed unfortunately) that I couldn't help but take pictures of.
I love Chanel. SO much! :)
While just wandering the streets we found this cute candy place called the Sugar Factory. Then we went to Caesar's Palace and tried to find the cool ceilings but we kind of got lost and didn't know who to ask. But while we wandered the hallways we took some funny pictures so that was good. After that we were pretty exhausted so we went home, got some good sleep. :)
The Sugar Factory! yum :)
Haha our attempt at self-timer ;)

The next morning we woke up and then went back to the Strip to do more sightseeing! :) Haha but first we went to Denny's and waited FOREVER for our food (ok, we were just hungry, it really wasn't that long) and then we got back to the car to find the keys were locked inside! Of course. ;) And all the doors were locked because we were all being extra careful since we didn't want the car stolen. Katie (it was her car) called her mom and stressed about what we should do and we just kind of waited around the car. So then we were luckily pretty close to a dollar store so we went and bought a wire hanger (as well as more snacks!) to break in! It really didn't take that long and about half an hour after we had come from Denny's, we were able to buy the hanger and open the car. Yay! We were back on the road and much more careful about the keys ha. ;)
All of us in our BYU clothing!
The weather was PERFECT :)

The keys in the car.. :(
Haha trying to get a tan while Katie was on the phone
On our way to the dollar store!
Breaking into the car with a wire hanger...
Success! :)
When we got to the Strip we first went and saw the Bellagio fountains, which were super cool. I'd definitely recommend them. Then we went to M&M world, the Coca Cola store and we found the cool ceilings in Caesar's palace! It was in a part where there were a bunch of shops and more high fashion and designer stores! Yay! I just kept saying all the names of the stores that I recognized (which were a lot) as we passed by them and my friends probably thought I was crazy but I was just in heaven. After that we headed off to watch our amazing men's basketball team (and Jimmer) play in the NCAA championship! :D
Awww..I love this picture :)
Then we headed to the game! There were tons of BYU people there, probably more than San Diego State. We were so excited to be there supporting our team! It was really cool. The stadium was really big and we were at the top, as there's no way we could have afforded anything more haha. Oh yeah, and there were some Ute fans behind us that were SO annoying! They just kept bashing BYU the whole time and I wanted so bad to turn around and yell at them. But I didn't. Go me! Success for the day ha ;). It really was a way depressing game. Once the SDSU people started getting ahead, they REALLY got ahead. They just kept making basket after basket, and our team kept missing them all. :( There was a hopeful two minutes in the second half where we thought we might be able to catch up but then they started slaughtering us again and we all just sat there in shame and realizing that we were actually gonna lose. :(
When we got out there was a pretty sunset though, so that was something I guess. We were so sad that we lost, but happy about our fun trip! It had definitely not happened in vain. We drove home pretty late that night and stopped in St. George again for dinner (how crazy that we had been there 24 hours before for dinner!) at Arby's. Then I drove the rest of the 4 hours home from 10-2. We got home super late (like 3 AM) because we gained an hour from the time difference AND it was daylight savings! Ah! So we got little sleep and we had early morning church the next day! Needless to say, I was exhausted during church and then went home and had like a five hour nap. It felt nice.
We made it back safely! (Even if it was by 3 AM ha :P)
Anyways, that's the trip summary! It's okay if you didn't read it all, mostly I just wrote all of that because I didn't want to forget everything fun that we did. It was SO great! And now I've blogged for a while so I'm gonna go. Bye. :D


  1. These pictures bring back so many good memories of Vegas...I LOVE how you broke into your car! YESSSS! Criminal work at its best.

  2. AWWWWWWWW!!!! I MISS VEGAS SO MUCH!! This was so cute! My head is literally spinning with homesickness! You went to the Thomas and Mack UNLV stadium! THAT'S WHERE I GRADUATED!! It was crazy huge and I waved on the big screen thing in the middle, lol. Cute trip! I love you girl! If you're ever in Vegas again when I'm there, I will give you the star treatment and take you to all the not-well-known local favorites. See you later!!!

  3. I'm glad you had a fun trip, even though we lost the game! I miss living in Vegas because back then I was tan year round! Glad you got to see some warm weather and blue skies! :)


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