A Button-Up and Some Boots

I wore this outfit on Thursday I think? But it's being posted on Sunday just because. I think this weekend was a lazy weekend. Well maybe not. I wore cute stuff but I just didn't take pictures. Which actually, for me is super unusual. Even if I don't post them, I almost always take pictures. I still have some from like two weeks ago that I must post because I made the skirt! Next time I don't take pictures or don't wear a "cute enough outfit" (to my standards anyways) I will post that. It'll be soon friends, I promise.

Hmmm...not sure what else to say. Sundays are great. Don't you all love them? I think one of the best things about being LDS is the fact that you get to rest on Sundays. Some people complain about not being able to go to the store or not being able to do normal stuff on Sundays. And I definitely admit that I'm one of those people sometimes. But on days like today, I really appreciate the fact that we have to rest, even if it is forced. We all need some relaxation in our lives, no? So do me a favor and do something great for yourself today. Paint your nails, take a nap, cook, read, write in your journal, etc! And if you don't have time today make time this week. We will get exhausted and irritable if we don't learn to take care of ourselves every once in a while.

Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday! :)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? TJ Maxx
Jeans? Ross
Boots? Ross
Necklace? Mall Kiosk

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 8.5
Original? 6.5
Did I like it? 6
Overall? 7

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  1. I love the boots!! I'm on the hunt for some, since our winter is just around the corner..!


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