Good to be Back

Yay! It's the first day of no 30 for 30. So actually, it was kind of crazy and a little scary to wake up and realize I could wear whatever I wanted! I think I kind of forgot how to get dressed and make an outfit because I realized how dependent I'd become on those 30 clothes. It was hard to only have 30 things to wear, but I think after a while it made it easier and I started getting lazy because there was only so much to wear. It was exciting and overwhelming to wear whatever I wanted, so I wore a dress, simple but always stylish. :)

So, confession. I did go shopping over the 30 days. I went thrift shopping and I bought 4 bags and 4 dresses. All the dresses were from like decades ago (shoulder pads, anyone?) and all of them except for one needed fixing. This was one of them! I'm so grateful for sewing class because now I know how to alter things and make them cuter. I also get a lot of great ideas from Cotton and Curls. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture, but I just got so excited to fix it that I didn't remember until I was almost done. This dress started out as being way bigger and longer, so I took it in about an inch and a half on each side and then hemmed it up about 4 inches. It turned out so cute! And a lot of people complimented me on it and the best part was when they'd ask me where I got my dress and I got to say it came from DI. Ha and actually I realized that everything in this outfit except for the shoes and necklace are thrifted! And the shoes are from Walmart, which cutting close to being thrifted (kidding! You can find some good stuff at Walmart sometimes..obviously, since I have the shoes!). But ya, great outfit for super cheap. Love it!

It feels good to wear whatever I want again. Oh yeah. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Thrifted
Dress? Thrifted and altered
Belt? Thrifted
Necklace? Forever 21
Flats? Walmart

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 10
Original? 9 (because altering the dress was pretty original I'd say)
Did I like it? 10 (LOVED it!)
Overall? 9.5


  1. Hey, you have an award waiting for you on my blog!:


  2. Great alteration! I want a sewing machine so I can alter thrift store finds. The color of the dress is fab!


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