New Year and New Happiness

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it's 2011?! I'm not sure I can ha. This is an important year...why?
-I'll turn 20!
-It will be a decade since 9/11
-1 year until the world ends ;)
-It will mark me being halfway through college
-Once the end of August rolls around, it'll mean I've done this blog for a YEAR.
-A year ago today, there is no way I would have pictured myself where I am now. It just goes to show how crazy life really is and how we really can't control it that much.
-I will hopefully go on NYC Study Abroad this summer or do something else amazing (like nanny) out of state. ;)

Oh just to say, I am now posting in the morning, so every day it'll be the outfit of the day before. So for instance, I wore this outfit on New Years Day (yesterday) not today. I think it will be easier for me to update this way. :)

I'm so sad. Only a few more days with my relatives! And then back to school for me. Not sure if I'm excited about that or not. :P My cousin Alex is in the last two pictures with me. He's a year younger than me and basically we're like best friends because we are the only cousins each other's age and we have fun together even though we don't get to see each other very often (he lives in Massachusetts). I'm sad because I might not see him for a long time. He turns 19 in October, which means he'll go on a mission for two years! I'm glad he's going...but sad he will be gone. :( I'm sure it will go by super fast though! Who knows what will have happened by the time he's back.

One thing's for sure..I hope I'm still doing this blog :)

Coat: Charlotte Russe

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt: Kohl's

Necklace: Gifted

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Ross

Bag: Target--borrowed from my sister Carina

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