Give Me Some Pop

I just think this outfit was fun. I loved my hair (I used my braiding technique to get it all crimpy) and I think it matched the outfit well. I think this cardigan matched the blue so prettily and I love how the boots matched it too! Probably the boots were my favorite part of the outfit. They just stood out a lot but still flowed and matched with the outfit. Perfect.

And the coat? It's perfect too! My mom got it for me for Christmas and I adore it. Purple is my favorite color, after all. I've worn it three days in a row this week. So sue me...it's cute!

And speaking of purple...think of that when you think giveaway on my blog. It's gonna be a good one and I'm getting it ready. Tomorrow I will have lots of time seeing as I have NO CLASSES on Fridays! Yes! Pretty much the best semester EVER. Oh and did I mention I'm taking sewing? I've heard it's hard but I still can't wait to make cute clothes and showcase them on here! Sooooooo excited. :)

Coat: Gifted

Cardigan: Abercrombie (thrifted)

Shirt: Thrifted

Cami: Down East Basics

Belt: Thrifted

Necklace: Forever 21

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Ross

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