A Souffle Sunday

So I've been a cooking mood lately and it's kind of random but I love it. Cooking is great. I had a chocolate souffle at my friend's house last night and pretty much fell in love, so decided I had to make one today. So I searched the internet for a recipe that had ingredients that I already had. I was a little nervous because I really don't cook much and I'm not the best, but I wanted that souffle! I'm so proud I did it now because it makes me realize that I can cook and I'm not bad at it. And it's really fun! So I'll be cooking more and probably posting it on here. :)

It took me a little while to make because I wanted it perfect and I had to get egg whites and such but it turned out great! Everything in the process looked like it should have and it smells soooo good. :) I haven't had any yet because we're all going to eat it as roommates so once everyone's home we'll have some. Can't wait. Oh and I also made some frosting to go along with it! You can get the souffle recipe here and the frosting recipe here. I had to take pictures of course!


  1. Look at you, all Martha Stewart without the jail time! That looks really delicious, I need to get into baking and try it!

  2. oh my gosh! i hear so many souffle horror stories, but yours looks perfect. way to go! i need to get back to the kitchen. i miss baking. love your blog!


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