Simplicity Can Speak Too

This outfit is so simple. Yet I still love it and I still felt pretty fashionable. This Gap sweater was so comfy and the color was adorable. And I liked the scarf with it. That scarf pretty much goes with anything..it's wonderful! I tried wearing a necklace with this but it just didn't work. No flow. :P And I wore my trusty shoes again that I wore yesterday. I'm in love. But I think I might possibly fall in love with all my clothes because I find myself saying that all the time. Oh well..the more love the better, right?

Oh and basically, I adore sewing class. It's the thing for me! I had it for four hours today and the time went by so fast. I was in pure bliss. We will be working on pajama pants soon and I can't wait! Did you know they have fabric at Ikea? Yeah, neither did I! I got my fabric there as well as my sewing supplies. It was great and their fabric is way cheap but SUPER cute. Ikea has that whole modern vibe going on throughout the store and it definitely shows through their fabric. I'll probably be going back for more soon!

This is random also, but don't you love my clutch? It's Calvin Klein and I got it in the outlet in Park City. Love at first sight I tell you. And love at every sight after that. I pull it out and it just makes me happy. It's just a beautiful thing. Or else I'm weird...ha.

Sweater: Gap

Scarf: Rue 21

Jeans: Ross

Shoes: Thrifted


  1. A friend of mine took that sewing class last semester... she said it was really hard but so worth it! The clothes she made were SO GOOD. She sewed a sweatshirt that looked store bought! I hope you have a lot of fun in that class!

  2. I tried to leave a comment before but couldn't find it at the bottom of the page. Duh... I should look at the top. Well, I love your outfits and the model. They are both so amazing!


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