Sometimes I wish...
-I were better at updating my blog (this outfit is from Thursday, I'm still sick and was this day, but decided to dress cute that day)
-I had cuter clothes or dressed more fashionably
-I wasn't sick with a cough, runny/stuffy nose, aches, chills, and shortness of breath.
-That I had a better camera
-That I didn't bite my lips or my nails :P

Then I remember...
-That I'm in school and that's the priority right now, although I still try to update my blog as much as possible because I love this thing.
-I do have cute clothes and I think that I dress cute so who else should care? Um, no one. Plus this is my blog. Ha. And that I should think of the poor children in Africa who have hardly any clothes. I'm lucky.
-I'm getting better and now I'll be more grateful for my health when I get it back.
-My camera is purple. What's better than that? And my pictures don't look half bad I think..
-I should stop that. Bad habits. Hate 'em...ugh.

Happy Sunday!

Oh and I'm slowing beginning to feel better but still sick. I'm gonna start dressing cute and taking pictures again tomorrow. This sickness has been killing me but I really do feel bad about the lack of posts! I finally posted some that are here, here, and here. Or just keep scrolling down. :)

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirt-Dress: Mervyns (now out of business)

Black Cami: Down East Basics

Striped Shirt: Walmart

Scarf: Thrifted

Jeans: Ross

Boots: Gifted


  1. cute! love it!!! :]

  2. you are such a doll! I totally remember mervyn's, too funny! I love your blog, it is super duper cute. love the photos.



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