My Cozy Day Off

Yes yes I loved this outfit. It was super comfy and cozy. And perfect for the weather since we actually had temperatures in the 50s! It was warm enough to not wear a coat, though still cold enough to have to have some type of long sleeves.

My grandma got me this sweater (grandparents can do great shopping! She got me the blouse I wore here too) and I love it! Maybe the one thing I'd change about it is to give it long sleeves but that's ok because I like how I could wear a long sleeve shirt under it. I'm also digging the trend of rolling up pants and letting them peek out of the boots. I think it's so fun and cute.

I went thrifting with my great friend Hollie yesterday. We both found some great finds, I'd have to say. Other than that it was a non-eventful day. I had a sleepover with my roommates Sunday night so we slept in late yesterday. I got some extra little things for sewing class, did homework, played around on the computer, took outfit pictures, didn't work!, and just had such a relaxing day.

I love no school. And it leaves today. Boo. :(

Sweater: Gifted

White Long-Sleeved Tee: ??? (I honestly don't remember, how sad is that!)

Belt: Thrifted

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Gifted

Green Socks You Can't See (ha ha): Simply Vera by Vera Wang


  1. i would live in this sweater if i owned it! looks great! i think the belt is in perfect proportion with everything else.

  2. I have to give some additional love to that sweater. It's so chic! =) You lucked out on the "grandparents-with-taste" lottery, I think. My own grandma ... well, I wish I could call on her for excellent finds like this. She once made me a reversible vest - one side was "traditional" with a pattern of teddy bears playing on a picket fence, and the other side was "edgy," meaning she glued on some neon-colored shoelaces and weird buttons in a haphazard way. I was 13-years-old. ATROCIOUS.


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