These Shoes Make My LIFE

Saddle shoes. Two words that just bring joy to my heart and turn the corners of my mouth into a huge smile. When I was little, I loved these shoes. Loved is an understatement, believe me. I wore them all the time and they were my favorite shoes. So of course when mine got too small, I begged my mom to get me more. But though she searched for some, they were out of style, and therefore no saddle shoes for me. :(

And now, as a 19 year-old girl, I saw they came back in style and begged and begged my mom to get me these for Christmas. And voila! she did!!! What an amazing mom. She even ordered them online. And once again, I more than love them. They are comfy and cute and me. They remind me of the 50s, which is one of my favorite eras (see HERE) and they just make me happy, don't ask me why!

So that's the story of my amazing and wonderful saddle shoes. I would say "the end" but this is most definitely not the end of the story. It's just the beginning... :)

Scarf: Thrifted

Cardigan: Forever 21

White tee: Down East Basics

Dress: Walmart

Tights: Target

Flower: Handmade by me (this is one of my most favorite flowers I've made)

Coolest shoes in the world: Gifted by my awesome mom!!


  1. Lovin' those saddle shoes! Maybe there will be a fifties sock hop on campus or something for you to wear them to! And a poodle skirt! Ahh... I used to love my poodle skirt when I was little!

  2. I love the pictures on this post!! You did a great job and the shoes...super cute on you :)


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