My Favorite Color to Wear

Okay, so this was the outfit I was planning on wearing yesterday when it snowed. This is probably one of my favorite outfits. Ohhhh. I love it. Coral is the best color ever. At least to wear. I think it complements my black hair well and it's just such a pretty color. Anyways, the skirt looks pinkish, but it's coral, promise!

I've been curling my hair a ton lately and I love it! I guess it's because I've finally figured out how to do it well and fast with the straightener. It seriously takes like 10 minutes to curl my super straight hair. Amazing. I don't even have a super nice straightener! I like how my hair looks in these pictures too. It's so pretty and it makes me look pretty I think.

Anyways, Sydney from the The Daybook does Awkward and Awesome Thursday, and even though she's not doing it today, I wanted to! I haven't before but I thought of so many great things for it I just have to do it. Ha I'm such a nerd. (Oh and these events are from yesterday and today, as the day isn't over yet, and I wore this outfit yesterday.)

-Having to run to campus two days in a row because I'm late for work. Running in a backpack feels and looks, i'm sure, SO weird.
-Overfilling the steamer at work yesterday, so then I had to take off all the parts and pour out some of the water, which had changed into some yellow gross looking liquid. Ew.
-Making chocolate chip pancakes and having half of them fall apart and look gross (read here)
-Wearing tights with this outfit and then deciding, no, it looked bad and leaving my room (that I share) a huge mess because I was late to work
-My sewing TA helping me measure my inseam....I was wearing a skirt. :P
-Falling down earlier in the week which caused a huge bruise to show up on my thigh and made me walk weird

-Katri's post on the ruffled sweater she made. It's so cute and she's SO talented! I might attempt to make one since I'm learning how to sew and I have a sewing machine!
-Chocolate chip pancakes. Delish.
-The bruise on my thigh. I'm really weird and have a thing with thinking bruises are awesome. They're ridiculously cool. Seriously, though.
-Finding out that I get to go with the hip hop club to watch the So You Think You Can Dance auditions in SLC next Thursday and be on NATIONAL TELEVISION! Yeah baby!
-Eversave's deal for Shabby Apple clothing. You pay $24 and then you get $55 credit to Shabby Apple! That my friends, is a deal, and I'm buying it. I love Shabby Apple, and I love Eversave.com for all the great deals they give! I will share next time they have something else good, which is like everyday haha. They also have those cute foldable flats that you can take on the go for half off. $9! Check it out here.
-BYU's amazing win against San Diego State yesterday. We only beat the #4 team (we were #9) and Jimmer Fredette (kind of the nation's top scorer, nbd) scored 43 points in the game and also brought us up to the #1 spot in the conference. That's right. BYU is cool.
-No classes tomorrow. Yay. :)
-My giveaway. You have until tomorrow (Friday) at midnight to enter. So do it! Have a nice awkward and awesome Thursday. :D

An Outfit a Day...
Vest? Papaya (I've only worn this vest once before in my life but I loved how it look with this outfit! You may see again sometime soon..)
Shirt? Pac Sun
Necklaces? F21, mall kiosk
Belt? Thrifted
Skirt? Secondhand
Boots? Ross

Keeps the Fashion Police Away...
Comfort? 6 (cold with no tights, boots rubbed against my legs a little, and the belt moved up and down every once in a while)
Original? 8 (I've never seen anyone else with a skirt this color or a vest like this, especially paired together)
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9 (just because I loved it that much)


  1. Hey thanks for linking to my post/blog!!! And I really really really like that vest :)
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. Ahh those shoes.. that color and that buckle. So cute. Hopefully the CC pancakes still tasted good? haha


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