I Forgot

Sorry, sorry, SORRY! I wore a cute outfit yesterday, promise! But can you believe it--I forgot to take pictures! :( But be happy for me because I had good reasons for forgetting. Basically my new roommates are awesome and I had so much fun with them last night playing games and hot tubbing. And classes were just great yesterday too. I had Jazz Dance and Human Development. Today is Interior Design and Sewing! Can't wait. :)

But I have something to make up for it. Remember when a while back I said I'd do a giveaway at 30 followers? Well I am a terrible slacker and never did one so I feel awful about it. But in the next week, I will be announcing and getting a pretty much amazing giveaway for you guys. So don't worry (...bout a thing--haha).

Oh and P.S. you are gonna have to be a follower if you want to enter this giveaway, so I would suggest to Follow My Blog! I just know it will bring you great joy and happiness if you do...so please follow me! Giveaway within a week, promise!

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of my cousin Alex and I that were taken on Christmas day. I miss him and all my relatives. :(

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