Yellow is Allowed in Wintertime

So. First of all, I got this dress for $3.50 at Ross. Deal? Um, yeah.

Next, I felt like a bright yellow sunflower in the middle of a blizzard in this dress. Awesome? Yes ma'am (or sir..).

So to sum it all up, this outfit did make me quite happy. Because who doesn't feel happy in yellow in the wintertime when you are begging for summer to come? Yep, didn't think so.

No but seriously, if you ever want to stand out in church in the middle of winter, just wear a yellow dress. I guarantee you'll be the only one... ;)

P.S. You know what I'm gonna say...enter the giveaway today!!! (no rhyme intended)

Cardigan: Old Navy, secondhand

Dress: Ross

Belt: Thrifted

Necklace: F21

Tights: F21 (although this is my favorite store, I would not recommend the tights--they run really easily and bag and get loose, not fun. Target's tights are good though, go there!)

Bag: Target

Flats: Payless


  1. love the yellow! it makes me laugh because Linds and I wore BRIGHT colors to church yesterday (aka orange) to stand out. glad you did too!

  2. Woo, that dress was a great find! Prices that good are usually reserved for thrift stores. Must have been your lucky day. =) Speaking of wearing springy/summery things to church, a few weeks ago, a woman in my ward showed up in an orange cap-sleeve tee (like from Downeast Outfitters), a short tropical skirt, flip-flops, and no coat/tights/ANYTHING! I was astounded! For here in Provo, that was a strange sight. Being adventurous with color only is a much safer bet. =)


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