A Bad Cough and the Chills Keep my Happiness Away

Basically I am sick. :(

Yesterday I was coughing all day and it got so bad that in Doctrine in Covenants class I just left early because I was distracting the class and I wasn't listening anyways.

Today my cough isn't so bad but I just feel like I can't breathe. My body temperatures keep changing so I get really cold, then 5 minutes later I'm sweating like the sun's sitting next to me. And I'm sitting on my bed all weak and I don't know how I'm going to be able to work for 3 hours today and go to sewing for 4 hours.

I have posts to write for the past few days but school makes me a busy person so I'm sorry they're not up yet. I seriously wish I had all the time in the world to spend on this blog. But I don't. I have a life like everyone else in the world ha ha.

Sorry if my pictures with the bad hair and no makeup make you scream and faint! I just took them now so you have a pretty good idea of what I look like as I'm writing this. Anyways, I hope to be updated soon and I hope this post made sense. I feel like I'm going crazy! All you people who are sick out there: I'm right there with ya. Stinks huh? :( To the people are healthy and happy: Enjoy it! You have no idea how lucky you are. :)

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P.P.S. Brittney is doing a scarf giveaway! And more than that, just read her blog, A Day in the Life Too.... I guarantee you'll want to click that follow button because she is absolutely hilarious and just has the cutest style. She is great!


  1. i'm soooo sorry you're sick! (hope i didn't give it to you) (haha. lame e-joke) seriously, i was sick all last weekend with strep, and it. is. soooo. CRAPPY being sick! hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm sorry you're sick! Its seriously the worst!! I was sick ALL the time last year so I know how it feels to go to class sick. Blahh! If its any consolation you look really cute for being sick and you're room looks cute too! I hope you were able to pull through today!!

  3. sorry you're sick! get better!!! maybe it is better to be sick this week rather than during finals?? (I tried to convince myself of that last week...)


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