My Camera Does Weird But Awesome Things Sometimes

See these pictures? Almost no editing involved. I just lowered the exposure a little. Because when I took them, I took off the flash and then did my usual self-timer setting (it takes two shots, one every 10 seconds) and the first shot turned out super cool and bright like the ones above and the second shot would turn out like these pictures below:

Cool huh?! I'm not really sure what my camera was thinking, but I kind of like it for a change. It really highlights the outfit and washes out everything else. Maybe semi-breaking my camera was a good thing? :)

Either way, I thought it was cool. And also I loved this outfit. I love the scarf, and the way the shirt hangs, and the adorable purple boots. Individually they are cute. Together, the are wonderful! I wore it two days ago...yesterday I wore an outfit not cute enough to be blogged about because I was/still am? sick. And I blogged about it. Of course. Anyways, back to homework! Yippee...

Oh and I seriously love braiding my hair after taking a shower and then letting it wave in the morning or after it's dry! I curl a few pieces and it looks soooo cute! And natural. This is a huge achievement for a girl who has hair so straight it tends to stay semi-curly for a few hours and then die. Sad. So this is happy. yes. :)

Shirt: American Eagle

Scarf: Gap

Jeggings: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Ross

P.S. I know I promised a giveaway in a week's time! :( And I was planning on doing it. But I'm seriously so sick and it's just gonna have to wait until I get better. Which will hopefully be soon! I really am so sorry. I didn't forget, don't worry. But I think being sick is a pretty good excuse... :(


  1. i love that top. if we're friends, maybe you'd like to ship it my way?? ;) hahaaa. no but, for reals, it looks great on you. woo hoo!

  2. i love the red boots!! they really add a pop to the outfit!

  3. all the colors and layers and textures on this outfit are SO great!

  4. I LOOOOVEE this outfit. It is SOOO Fashion forward! I loove the shirt color on you and the shoes are awesome. I also am loving how you added that scarf. you really have some great style!


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