I Love Weddings :)

It seems like everyone is getting married left and right these days! I know I'm at BYU so it's pretty normal for everyone to be getting married. But there happened to be one wedding yesterday that the whole world watched. And a wedding that I definitely support...the Royal Wedding!! Ahh...look at Kate's dress. Isn't it gorgeous?! She seriously looked absolutely stunning. The dress was classy, traditional, modest, but also modern. And I think it suited her looks and personality well. It was designed by Sarah Burton, a creative designer for Alexander McQueen. I heard that they're already making lots of dresses because people have been ordering them. Ah! I only wish I could afford a dress that expensive. Anyways, I haven't researched a ton on the topic of the wedding yet but what else did you see/hear about it? What were your favorite parts? Seriously, it makes me happy that so many people have been getting married because weddings are so happy! I love going to receptions and dressing up for weddings and stuff. It's great. :D

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