My Cute and Happy Dress :)

Haha my sister was being silly and was doing interesting photography perspectives ;)
Not much time to write, but I just have to say that I had a wonderful Easter! I'll be posting on my other blog more about it but I just didn't have time currently. I guess I just really love Easter because it makes me so happy. Celebrating the resurrection of Christ, sunshine, new birth, cute colors, SPRING!--they're all just wonderful. I celebrated by wearing my dress all day ;), going to church and playing Mary Magdalene for all the kids in primary (in my church primary is where the kids aged 3-11 go), jumping on the trampoline with my sister Gracie in our dresses, taking pictures, doing puzzles with my siblings, going to dinner at my grandparents' house (where the pictures are located) and coming home and watching the Amazing Race with my family. I love Easter. :)
my wonderful family! :)
Speaking of love, how much do you love this dress? ;) Pretty sure I'd have to say that I love it a lot! Isn't it sooooo cute?! I got it at Ross for like $22 and I think it is the perfect Easter/spring dress. I'm soooooo happy I bought it! Oh and I actually added the lace at the bottom of the dress just to make it a little bit longer and more modest. I think I like it more with the lace anyways.

How was everyone's Easter? Any cute clothes? Spending time with family? Tell me about it!!

An Outfit A Day...
White tee? Down East Basics
Dress? Ross
Shoes? Forever Young

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 9.5 (because of the ruffly itchy stuff under..not too bad, but still)
Original? 9
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9.5

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