Fun Feature Friday: Kelli from A Bit of Good Madness

Hi friends! So guess, what?! Fun Feature Friday is back! I kind of forgot about it/pushed it to the side so no one has been featured for a while. But don't fear, Kelli is here! ;) Today you get to meet the super fabulous and fashionable Kelli. She's also a BYU student like me, which makes her pretty much extra cool. Her blog, A Bit of Good Madness, is super cute! Pretty much when I found Kelli's blog I went through and just kept going back page by page because she has the cutest style and she's pretty much hilarious and has the best stories. I kind of obsessively blog stalk her...hahaha. And even though I'm kind of a creep, Kelli has graciously agreed to be featured on here. :) So without further ado..meet Kelli!

Kailee: What is your favorite thing about fashion blogging and what is your least favorite thing about it?

Kelli: My favorite thing--It really motivates me to be creative. Unfortunately, I'm no good with a paintbrush; so for me, putting together outfits is kind of like my art form. Fashion blogging gives me motivation to be creative and also gives me an outlet to "display my art." Plus, I just have so much fun doing it! Another one of my favorite things is when someone tells me that my outfit has inspired them or has helped them figure out how to wear one of the pieces in their wardrobe. It makes me feel fulfilled--I'm actually helping someone instead of just posting a whole bunch of pictures of myself.

My least favorite thing--Some days I do just feel like I'm posting a whole bunch of silly pictures of myself. When I'm not doing a challenge, like 30 for 30, I sometimes wonder if it's totally narcissistic to paste my blog with pictures of me and outfits that I think are cute. I guess I just really want to feel like I'm blogging for a purpose...which is why you should all stay tuned to my blog because I have some changes coming up in the near future ;) 

What's something random about you that no one in the blogging world knows about?

I was not always as fashion-conscious as I am now. Oh no. My wardrobe consisted of cat t-shirts (and only cat t-shirts) up until the 7th grade. I kid you not. I remember buying my first "cute" shirt in the 7th grade because my friends and I were buying matching shirts for a talent show dance routine. I realized that maybe it was time to give my wardrobe some variety that didn't just consist of different cat breeds. But even though I began to branch out from the feline-inspired clothing, my relatives would still send me cat shirts and continued to do so until high school. The last cat shirt I ever got was sent to me by my aunt. It was from a Shakespeare festival, had three big cat faces on it, and said "Tabby or Not Tabby. That is the question." I wish I would have kept it. I think I would wear it.

If you could pick one person in the world to be for a day, who would it be and why?

Hmm...that's a toughie. I kind of think it'd be cool to switch places with someone in a hunter-gatherer tribe. We had to read The Harmless People for one of my classes and I got kind of obsessed with the African bushmen--I think it would be incredible to experience such a dramatically different lifestyle for a day. Either that or Meryl Streep. I think it would be exhilarating to be her...and I bet she has a fantastic wardrobe. ;)

Favorite clothing item that you just can't live without?

Right now, it's probably my brown blazer. I seriously wear it like every day.

Kelli's awesome, right? Told ya so. So now that you've been introduced, head on over to her blog, click that follow button, and start reading! ;)

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