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Hey friends! How is your week going so far? Pretty much mine is going fabulously because I don't have school and I've just been working and playing lots. :D Summer (even if it doesn't completely feel like it weather-wise) is the BEST. And also, lots of new people moved into my ward, which means lots of new boys!!! Heaven, indeed. I already have my eye set on one haha. Expect an engagement post by next week ;) (I hope you know I'm kidding. I will date a boy for a while--a lot of months or year--before getting engaged!).

I guess though that even though life is pretty happy, there is still so much that I'm trying to work on, because I'm far from perfect and I've got lots of problems. I won't get into details but I just feel like I'm always working on something and always trying to be better. Sometimes I wish it would all just stop and the world and life's troubles would just pause. What I really want is just some peace (and love. the hippies were onto something I think...). Some peace of mind, peace with the world, and peace with myself. Have you ever realized how difficult it is to just feel peace? It's pretty dang hard. And it makes me cry many days.

Yesterday, though, I think I felt a little bit of peace. I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit in the BYU Museum of Art with my roommates and it was so wonderful. It was completely spiritual and peaceful. And I will admit that I did cry a little, but they were good tears. :) You may have heard of him before, but Carl Bloch was a painter and artist back a few hundred years ago who painted tons of beautiful pictures of scenes from Christ's life that are now reprinted and used in church buildings, church magazines, church books, etc. Even if you haven't heard of him, I have no doubt that you would be familiar with several of Carl Bloch's paintings if you saw them. Anyways, this exhibit has been at BYU for a while and very popular, because the original paintings are there. The exhibit ends next week so if you want to go, I'd highly recommend it. My favorite two paintings were these:
Healing at the Pool of Bethesda by Carl Bloch
Gethsemane by Carl Bloch
As I sat there sitting, staring at, and contemplating these paintings and the others, I felt a sense of peace. I realized how much He loves me. And I really am worth it. I honestly have no idea how much I mean to Him. Seeing that Gethsemane picture and seeing the depiction of that moment of suffering made me realize that if Christ can suffer for everyone's sins and go through that much pain, then I can overcome my trials. And the cool thing is that I have Him to help me through it. I will always have him. I think the only thing that truly gives me peace in life is my church. It's all I truly have and it's all I really need and it's all that matters. I love it. :)

I just wanted to share that. It's a good afternote for Easter. :)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? Thrifted
Belt? Amazon.com
Capris? Aeropostale
Shoes? Thrifted
Bag? Target

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 10
Original? 8
Did I like it? 9
Overall? 9

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