My Identity

I'm just sitting in my room right now (meaning Sunday night as I'm writing this)...to be honest, I didn't wear a cute outfit today. Just a t-shirt and sweats because it was Sunday and we just watched conference. So there wasn't really any reason to go out anywhere and no reason to "get dressed" haha. But anyways, meet my friend, Kuddles! Yes, I still maybe possibly sleep with my favorite stuffed koala bear every night. Pretty much it's great. Anyways.

I decided to post another song...you've probably heard it, it's called "The House that Built Me" by Miranda Lambert. We were watching some of the ACM awards tonight and she won at least 2 awards for this song! The first time I heard it on the radio I just fell in love with it and when I got home I downloaded it right away. When I was 14 I moved and it was super hard for me. I switched schools, churches, neighborhoods, and friends. I got way more shy than I used to be, and probably if you knew me in high school you wouldn't think I was the most outgoing person in the world. Moving was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. In the end it was good of course and i'm grateful now. But it was hard. I guess I can really relate to this song because when I listen to it I think of my old house and how I would love to just go back one day to see it. After that move, I kind of lost my identity, but when I think of my childhood I remember who I am. Since coming out to college, I feel like I've really started to find myself again. Fashion is something that has become a part of me and helped me feel confident. But sometimes there's still a lot of stuff that I'm unsure about. Listening to this song always gives me peace. I feel like if I could go back to the house that built me, I'd definitely find a part of myself again. :)

Sorry if that was super cheesy but I just felt like I should share. Enjoy the video and your Monday! Expect an outfit post tomorrow again. :D

P.S. Guess what? It's my half birthday! I'm 19 and a half today! :)

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