Back So Soon?

Okay, you can say it...I'm a terrible blogger. I know, no warning, just a disappearance for a week and a half! That is definitely inexcusable behavior! I have been pretty busy with finals and just pretty stressed so that I haven't really been wearing blog-worthy outfits. And also, my tripod broke and it's been raining so I haven't really had motivation to go outside and take pictures. And I know, these are all kind of lame excuses, and I'm sorry. :( I really want to try and blog every day though and take pictures a lot, but at least post something every day. Also another problem with me is that I tend to be a very all or nothing person. So if I stop blogging one day, it's easier to not blog the next, and then the next, and so forth...it's a terrible thing. Really you should be pretty proud of me for doing this blog for this long, because it means that I truly do like it! Otherwise I would have quite ages ago haha.

But guess what?! I've been refashioning lots of stuff and it's been sooo fun! I refashioned a shirt this morning that was inspired from a shirt Selena Gomez was wearing in a Wizards of Waverly Place episode (Daddy's Little Girl).
I saw this shirt and LOVED it and decided I'd do a refashion. I found a striped shirt at a thrift stored that looked like this...
And then I changed it to this... (NERD ALERT! I just took these pictures and I'm wearing glasses and no makeup and I really don't like the way I look in these. I don't like my glasses at all..but I guess you get to see them! Ha and I'm wearing the same pj shorts as I did this morning..funny)
I cut the neck part to be bigger and I cut the bottom to be a little shorter..not huge changes so you can't tell a ton.
I was going to cut the sleeves to be shorter, either 3/4 or short sleeved, but it was cold today so for now I left them long. Probably later I'll cut them shorter since it'll be warmer weather when I want to wear it again.

Sorry for the unedited photos! And also, I wore this shirt with jeans, a butterfly necklace, and brown boots, I just didn't take pictures. Don't worry, I don't walk around outside in those shorts! I'm modest..promise!! ;)

And now, I will go back to studying. Today is my last day of finals! Yay!!! And then I'll just be playing with friends all week and going home on the weekend for Easter. And also I will continue blogging. This girl is back in the house!! Oh and thank you all for your wonderful comments while I was away! It meant soooo much to me. I seriously thought if I didn't post then absolutely no one would read (like I said, I'm very all or nothing..) so it made me happy to still get comments. Thank you SO MUCH! :D

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