Yay! I love being home! Basically it feels great to be with family....haha even if it does bring back some fighting with siblings and parents....but we won't talk about that. ;) We've also had fun fooling around and wearing fake mustaches..so with that, I'll give you this gem and wish you a GREAT Sunday!
I love my sibs :)
An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Belt? Thrifted (notice I've worn this belt like 3 times this week..i love it!)
Skirt? Target
Shoes? Thrifted (and notice I've worn these shoes, well, probably WAY too much. But this is my blog and they're my shoes ;))

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 8
Original? 7
Did I like it? 8
Overall? 8

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