80's Child

Isn't this shirt like super cool! Haha well guess what...it's refashioned. ;) I got it at DI (a thrift store) and then cut off the neck and sleeves. I actually did that way back in November but just never wore it! I'm glad I did though because I love the way this outfit turned out and I got tons of compliments on the shirt. Here are some pictures back from the day when I cut the shirt up...
The awesome 80s tag on the shirt.
My cutie adorable sister Gracie...just because she's cute :)
Well, I've got to go get ready now. P.S. Guess what I'm seeing tonight? The day before it comes out? SOUL SURFER! The movie that Carrie Underwood is in! I am beyond psyched and can't wait! I'll definitely let you guys know how it is. Here's the trailer if you're interested.

An Outfit A Day...
T-Shirt? Thrifted
Necklaces? F21, Mall Kiosk
Jeggings? Charlotte Russe
Socks? Kohls, gifted
Boots? Ross

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 9.5
Original? 9
Did I like it? 7
Overall? 8

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