The Magic Skirt

People, this skirt is magic! Basically it attracts boys and people love it. And I got it from DI for about $5 and all I did was hem it to knee-length instead of pioneer length. One of my coworkers at work (a guy) complimented my outfit and skirt. Two other girls I work with both said I looked super cute today. And I was riding in the elevator with this random hot guy and he said my skirt was super cool. And I love telling people where I got it from because it just makes the skirt that much cooler. Yep, me and my skirt are pretty awesomespice (word borrowed from Lauren). :D

Yesterday at work was cRaZy!!! It's Women Conference this weekend so there have been women all over campus! And of course since I work in the Women's section of the bookstore, we've been working like madness. Yesterday it was so busy that I could barely walk anywhere because it was all crowded. Everyone just loves the Down East Basics clothes, the White Elegance clothes, and all of our clothes. It's nuts, but super fun! I love being able to help lots of people and having stuff to do and being able to meet a lot of nice women. It's really pretty great. Also I'm working lots of hours which means mucho dinero. ;) Hmmm and mucho dinero has many possibilities.... Anyways so I'm a little tired because I worked non-stop for 8 hours yesterday and I'm gonna do it again today. Life will go back to normal after this week is done. Soo..have a great friday!

What are your weekend plans? Want to know what mine are? (BOYS!!!) :D hehe (oh and women at women's conference ha)

An Outfit A Day...
Button-Up? TJ Maxx
Necklace? F21
Skirt? Thrifted and refashioned (hemmed)
Shoes? Thrifted

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 8
Original? 10 (pretty sure no one has a skirt like this! :))
Did I like it? 10
Overall? 9.5

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