Saw It and Loved It

Yesterday I went with my family to see the movie "Soul Surfer"! (which btw, didn't come out until today but we got to see a free premiere the day BEFORE it came out. be jealous.) It was sooooo good. It really was such an inspirational movie to see how you can truly overcome anything in life and you just have to keep getting back up and trying. It's a movie based on a true story (and for the most part I think the facts in the movie were all true) about a girl named Bethany Hamilton. She was like super good at surfing and then one day she was out training and a shark took a bite out of her board and she got her arm bitten off! I thought the cool and crazy think about her was that she was so calm after she was missing an arm and she didn't cry. That  pretty much saved her life, which is amazing. So then she had to learn how to surf with only one arm and she totally came back and did it. Now Bethany Hamilton is a pro surfer and she's super famous because of what happened to her.

I've known about this movie for like a year because Carrie Underwood was in it playing Bethany's church youth group leader. And we all know how obsessed I am with Carrie Underwood..haha. But I would definitely recommend going to see it! It wasn't even that bloody on the shark bite part or anything which is good, because I get so weak when I see blood.

And I didn't get a chance to take outfit pictures, but I did get some pictures! Thank goodness. I have no idea what we'd do if I didn't take pictures or post an outfit for a day. ;)
Me with my lovely sister Sidney in front of the Soul Surfer board :)

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Old Navy, secondhand
Red tee? Secondhand
Belt? Amazon.com
Jeggings? Charlotte Russe
Boot? Ross, gifted
Bag? Target (if this bag is unfamiliar to you by now then either you must be blind or a new follower. I am OBSESSED with my brown bag. It goes with anything!)

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 9
Original? 6
Did I like it? 8.5
Overall? 8

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