Eeee! It's Women's Conference this week which means campus and the bookstore has been CRAZY! I've been working 8 hour shifts and it's been non-stop and super busy. But it's been fun! I love working when it's been because I always have something to do and I get to meet lots of new people. So fun! And I decided that I just really love my job so much. Ha I already knew that before but I just thought I'd say it. I really just love all my co-workers and have so many friends at work. And I get great benefits like a 20% discount and free textbook renting. And it's just a fun job. Work is my happy place and I'm really grateful to have it!

Did anyone watch Glee this week? I really liked it! It was actually a 90 minute episode instead of the regular hour. The songs were really amazing, my favorites being...
Somewhere Only We Know,

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (been listening to this one on repeat, such a great song),

and Born This Way.

The episode was about how Mr. Schuester wanted the kids to accept the way the were, even the parts that made them unique (that's what's on their shirts in Born This Way). I thought it had such a great message about how we really do just need to be happy the way we are. And if we can be happy the way we are, then we can be role models for others in showing them that they can be happy with how they look too. :) It reminds me of this project on facebook called the What I Be project done by Ganesh Photography. Go look at the albums and you'll find the project on there. It's really changed the way I look at people and how I judge them.  Super cool!

Another tv show that I just started watching and have been loving lately (thanks to Chelsey's suggestion) is Drop Dead Diva. It's about a pretty, thin, blonde model who dies and mistakenly gets sent into a fat girl's body. It's really funny and really cute. It's cool because in her new life she is a lawyer and she is able to relate to a lot of her clients because of what she has gone through in her size and other stuff. I really like and I've been watching the first season on Netflix, if you're interested.

Oh and here's another treat for ya...HP and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2...the last one! Ah! I cannot WAIT until July 15!!!! (sorry for the video overload haha)

And now after a long day of work and going hot-tubbing with my roomies, I'm saying good night!!

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