Easter Sunday is a Happy Day!

Happy Easter, friends! This is is such a happy holiday. I love being able to celebrate Christ's resurrection as well as the coming of spring! :) I bought a super cute Easter dress (that you'll see in pictures tomorrow!) to wear and my parents also set up an Easter egg hunt for us kids ha. We went to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt yesterday for my sister, but I forgot to take my camera. :/

What kind of traditions do you have for Easter?

So have you guys heard about Demi Lovato? (Random topic for today, I know, but this has been on my mind a ton) Lemme give you the low down...a few months ago she left her tour with the Jonas Brothers to check herself into rehab for an eating disorder, cutting, and bipolar disorder (she just found out in rehab that she was bipolar). And now she's been out of treatment and doing great. She left her show, "Sonny With a Chance," because she didn't think it would be good for her recovery to be in front of the camera all the time, and I totally support that! And she also did an interview on 20/20 (you can watch it here) talking about everything that happened with her in detail and being totally and completely honest. She's really speaking up about everything that's she's gone through and is still going through and is being an amazing role model for girls everywhere. I love how she's really becoming an advocate for awareness of eating disorders, cutting, and bipolar. I've always loved her music, but I really admire her even more now, because it's got to be hard to admit to the world that you've been struggling with so much stuff, but seeing how many people she's helping makes it sooo worth it. I don't know, I've been thinking about that a lot and I really admire her so much! The cool thing is that she's only 18, but she's dealing with this all really maturely. Which has got to be hard knowing that her recovery is probably still very difficult right now. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, Go Demi!! :D
Are there any people or celebrities that have stood out to you lately or that you admire? Or how about people that you don't admire AT ALL? (like Chris Brown...)

An Outfit A Day...
White Cardigan? F21
Pink and white striped blouse? Borrowed from my sister, Carina
Belt? Thrifted
Jeans? Ross
Necklace? F21
Shoes? Forever Young

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 8
Original? 7
Did I like it? 8
Overall? 8

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