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This happened a few weeks ago on a Friday. It was any other day and I was driving in my car to find a place to take outfit pictures. I was about 10 blocks from my apartment when I saw this cute white picket fence and decided to take pictures by it. I left my phone inside my car, and as I locked the car and shut the doors I realized in my stupidity that I had also locked my keys in the car. Not to mention the fact that my wallet and purse was also inside the car. All I had was my camera and my tripod. It was about 4:00 and I was supposed to go with my roommates to sign a contract for the place we're living at next year at 4:30. Problem? Yes. So I wasn't in a super great mood to take pictures, having locked everything I needed in my car. I was right by a house, but because of technology these days, I didn't have any of my roommates phone numbers memorized. So with tripod and digital camera in hand, I proceeded to walk the ten miles back to my apartment.

It actually wasn't that cold, almost warm and the walk took about 20 minutes, so it really wasn't bad. My roommate Katie was thankfully home when I told her the news. She (and most of my rooomates) has a car so we drove back to my car, taking a fly swatter and some other tool with us. My car's an explorer, so there's a window in the trunk door that comes up on it's own. There was a little unlock button just inside the door that if we could get the fly swatter in and maneuver it to push down on the button we'd be golden. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough leverage using the fly swatter to push down on the button. It was about 4:30 and we had to go sign the contracts. But...my cash for the deposit was in my wallet, which was in my car (I know, I know)!!

So Katie offered to just write a check for my deposit and then I could pay her back with the cash. We went to the apartment signing, and the lady was actually okay with me just bringing the cash on Monday so it worked out. We went back to our apartment and found some flowers on the doorstep. There was no note, but there was a clearance sticker on the flowers saying they'd been bought for $2.50. We tried figuring it out and the flowers weren't given to my roommates who had boyfriends. The flowers were a mystery.

And I was super stressed. The thing was, I was supposed to go on a date at 6:00, but I had nothing! What if my date needed to text me or something? I tried calling BYU Police to see if they could unlock me from my car (they did it for my mom and I once...though that's another story) but they can only do it if your car is on campus. So I called the Provo Police, who told me very rudely that they don't even have tools to break into cars. By this time I was freaking out (it may have been an emotional time in the month for me as well...) because a locksmith would be too much money. I messaged my date on facebook asking if we could leave at 7:00 instead, because I was a mess and still had to do my makeup and I wanted a chance to back to my car and try breaking into it again. I called my mom from Heidi's phone and was just bawling (emotional time of month, remember) and my date hadn't replied to the facebook message yet. So I got my bearings together, redid my make-up and made myself look cute. I also sent my date another message telling him to disregard the one I had sent before, just in case he read it right before he left.

Important fact: We still did not know who the flowers came from.

Well, 6:00 rolled around and he wasn't there. 6:05, 6:10. Still no date. So of course, speculations started and they had to do with the flowers. This was the conclusion that we came up with. My date was the one that brought the flowers earlier. He brought them because he had to cancel last minute on the date, so that's why the flowers had no note and why there was a clearance sticker on them. But because we weren't home, he just dropped them off at the doorstep and then texted/called me. I just didn't get any texts because I didn't have my phone. By 6:30, I figured he wasn't coming. My roommates were going with our friend Bryan to a photography exhibit, so going along with the flower theory, which at this point, I believed to be 100% true, I went with them, and then we'd go look at my car after. The exhibit would just be closing soon so we had to go there first.

On our way to the event, we called my roommate Talya to ask her to put a note on the door, just in case my date did come so he'd know where I was and that I hadn't just ditched him. Just to make sure. The exhibit was great, here's a link to what it was about (just so I don't make this post longer than it already is). After the exhibit, we went to my car but by that time it was about 8:00 and it was too dark to see anything so we had to go back to our apartment to get a flashlight. I also checked my facebook and he had messaged back just asking if I'd gotten my keys and phone, but said nothing else. So now I was very confused.

We went back to my car, and finally, with a lot of work and using the fly swatter, we got the car unlocked! I looked at my phone and had a few missed calls and texts. Oh dear.

6:02   Hey I'm on my way, what's your apartment number?
6:15   Missed call
6:25   I think I'm here, is it called the ___? (sorry, don't wanna give out too much info)
6:50   Missed call

Wow, I felt SO bad. Seriously. I mean, I did everything I could to try and contact him, but I felt really bad. By this time it was about 8:30 and I called him right away. I told him sorry a bajillion times and said we could still go on the date or we could just postpone for another time, whatever worked for him. We ended up going on the date and had a fun time. This was his side of the story: He did not bring the flowers and obviously from the texts he didn't have my apartment number (I thought I gave it to him, but turns out I didn't, oops) so he didn't know where I lived. He waited for a little bit and then figuring something must have been wrong, he went to his friend's house and checked his facebook. He saw the message and then his friend suggested he just go back to my complex and start knocking on doors until he found mine. Then he found the note (see, it was good!) and things started to come together after that.

Moral of story? NEVER lock my keys or my phone in my car again. Obviously. But really, they are always going to be with me, I'm super paranoid now!

And in case you made it all the way to the end of this story...no, we never found out who gave us the flowers. Though they really messed things up for that date. Goodness gracious!

The end.

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  1. Whoah, crazy night! I was getting stressed just reading about it! I'm glad that it all ended well... kinda... :)


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