[Hunger Games Party] The Food

Saturday night I threw an awesome Hunger Games party in our apartment, with help from my roommates for stuff. It was SO MUCH FUN. I took a lot of pictures and I of course will be blogging about the whole thing in parts, just like I did for the Harry Potter party I threw back in October.

I already wrote about the invitations in this post so today I'll be writing about the food. And actually, all of this is really perfect because the Hunger Games movie comes out this week! It's all totally synonymous.

I tried to incorporate things from the book as much as I could, so I kind of took on a tesserae idea for the food. In the books, tesserae is a year's supply of food if you enter yourself in the Hunger Games again. And you can do additional entries for each member of your family. So basically at the party whenever someone drank something or ate something (we said a serving or a plate, we weren't too strict on it) they had to enter their name in the reaping again! That way it made people have multiple entries in the reaping like it is in the books. I'm proud to say that it was all my idea too. :D

Deciding on the actual food was actually fairly difficult. I wanted to use food from the books, just like we did for the Harry Potter party, but it's hard because there aren't a lot of different or exotic foods in the Hunger Games books. Lamb Stew is obviously a popular one and a favorite of Katniss but we didn't really want to be feeding people meals at this party. So we came up with our own ideas.

For drinks we had Sream Water (just plain water) and Sleep Syrup (rootbeer). Both of these are in the first book when Katniss and Peeta are in the arena.

We needed something a little saltier so I bought some Doritos and we called the Tracker Jacker Wings (that was Heidi's idea). Genius! And it was good we had those because we had a lot of other sweet stuff.

Katniss roots are a plant in the book and they're what Katniss, the main character, was named after. We just bought twizzlers, even though they are red and I'm sure the roots are green or brown in reality.

Haha the "Capitol Candy" was just a lot of candy canes that we still had left over from Christmas that had been eaten yet. This was probably the only thing that was still full at the end of the party. What? People don't love 3-month old candy??

I had a sugar cookie mix and made them and frosted them with a Vanilla Buttercream frosting that we food-colored. It doesn't look like it in the picture, but the cookies were yellow, reddish-pink, and blue. We called them Peeta's cookies! If I'd had more time, I would have decorated them more. I actually didn't end up frosting the cookies, my roommate Heidi did because I had to head off to work.

I got the idea of the nightlock from Busy Bee Lauren's Hunger Games party she had. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to buy berries at the grocery store in time! Heidi had a few blueberries left over so we put those out, mostly for decoration since there weren't a ton. I liked this idea though.

Ha ha ha...the coal cake. Story time: So the night before was my roommate Olivia's birthday and we tried to make a hot fudge sundae cake for her. However, it didn't really work out and kind of got stuck to the pan and didn't taste amazing (it was okay). So Heidi took it out of the pan and rearranged it in this glass pan to make it look like it was coal or something. Really genius! I like how it looked and we did end up getting rid of the cake which was great.

Cupcakes on Fire...I got this idea from here. I had yellow cake batter that I had in two bowls (I actually made two batches so that worked out well) and dyed one batch red and kept the other one yellow. Then I just kind of layered each type of batter on top of the other and when they came out they were all cool and fire-colored on the inside. I made Vanilla Buttercream frosting and just food-colored it to be orange. Oh and I got silver cupcake cups because they just looked cool and more Hunger Games-ish.
sorry, the picture quality of this isn't great
Last of all for the food we had "Mellark Bakery Bread" (Mellark is Peeta's last name and his family owns a bakery, in case you didn't know). In the beginning plan I just had about 30 biscuits to make that I got from those one cans. They were 3/$1.00 at the grocery store. But then as chance would have it, we had a ward party the night before and they had a TON of leftover breadsticks (like at least 70) and they didn't know what they were going to do with them. I was right there and was like, "Well...I'm having a party tomorrow night, so if you want I'll just take them all." They were like "Sweet!" and I was like "Yes!" so when I got home I walked into our apartment with a huge bag full of breadsticks and my roommates were like, "Oh no..." Yes. Anyways, the breadsticks were plain and didn't taste amazing before, but Olivia was awesome and put some parmesan and garlic on top of some and cinnamon sugar on the other so that they were more flavorful. And believe it or not, we only had about ten breadsticks at the end of the party so people at almost all of them!

The party had a huge turnout and the tesserae entering idea worked out really well too! By the end of the party, our food supply looked like this:
GONE! All we had left by the end were the candy canes, a little coal cake, and a few breadsticks. Yay! Anyways that's all the food! Tomorrow, I'll write about the set-up and decorations, stay tuned!

Also, just so you know...4 MORE DAYS!!! (until the movie, duh!)

If you want to read about all the other aspects of the party, just click on the links below!


  1. As i've recently posted, im throwing a party. I will be 16 soon and i've decided to throw a 'sweet sixteen' style birthday . i live in ireland and unlike america, 16th isnt that a big birthday , so it is something unique . i have coordinated the decorations to be pink and black so they would match the theme .
    You've thrown a wonderfullly themed party and was just looking to see would you have any idea of original things or food to do ? any websites would also be great ? thank you so much x

  2. I'm loving all these ideas. It really helps with planning my own HG themed party for May. :)

    I'm glad the food went over well.



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