[Hunger Games Party] Set-Up and Decorations

So as people came into our apartment, this is what they would have seen (with the exception of the sign being so curled, I took this picture the morning after and I guess it was a little rainy that night). We covered our apartment number with a district 12 sign and also had an invitation/announcement on the door. This is how all the other apartment doors in our complex looked as well when we went around to deliver invitations the Tuesday before the party (which was on a Saturday).

When guests walked into our apartment, they saw this:
For the apartments in our complex, those people were in whatever district their apartment number was. The rest of the people I decided to just divide it by birthday month and it worked out really well, considering there are twelve months in a year and twelve districts haha.

Just like we did for our Harry Potter party, we covered the walls in tablecloths we bought from the dollar store. To incorporate the coal/fire trade of district 12, I bought yellow, orange, white and black tablecloths. It worked out well and we still had our old Christmas lights out so we strung those all around too and it looked fun.

On the wall we had all the twelve district posters up to show what each one's trade was. Also randomly scattered about on the walls were some capitol propaganda posters (like this, this, and this).
For some reason one string of lights wasn't working :/

I know I showed this picture in the food post already but I felt like it might be necessary to show how we set it up. We had our table of food in the corner and also put the drinks on the counter. We happened to have all the plants already but they added a nice touch.

And the tree...let's just say we've had it since November and never got rid of it so we decided to make it part of the decorations. I have to admit, that as much as I currently hate that tree, it added a nice touch to the decorations.

And to honor President Snow, we had white flowers strewn about on the table, in the tree, and this one hanging from the ceiling fan. I thought it was the perfect thing. I just got two bunches of them from the dollar store which gave me about twelve flowers.

If you want to read about all the other aspects of the party, just click on the links below!

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