[Hunger Games Party] It's PARTY Time!

I'm sure you've been waiting to hear about/see pictures of the party itself. Sorry, I was busying myself with WATCHING THE MOVIE on Friday at midnight and then recovering from the awesome-ness of it! But a week later, here is the last Hunger Games party post!

The party was so much fun. I have to say that it might've even been as good or better than our Harry Potter party! People started coming at 8 pm when the party started, entering their name in the reaping as soon as they arrived and also whenever they ate food. From 8:30 on, the party really filled up with people, because we told them that the reaping would be starting at 9 and if they wanted to be included in that, they had to come before then to enter. 
Citizens from District 3 dressed in their trade of technology
Trees from District 7, the lumber district

There were SO many people! Our apartment got really packed and busy, which was crazy and also super fun.
Lumberjacks from District 7
 We started drawing names for the reaping a little after 9 pm. I drew one or two names from each cup, depending on how many names were in it (some cups only had one name). Afterward if there were some districts with only one tribute, then we called for volunteers so that we ended up with 24 tributes. Thank goodness it was warm outside because it was so packed in the apartment that we had to move out there to spread out so everyone could see.

The first activity we did was this cornucopia challenge. Each district got two papers that said supplies on them and then they had to keep track of how many points they got. The top 6 districts were still in and the bottom 6 were out, so that we were left with twelve tributes. If I had done this differently, I probably would have given them more supplies or something like that, but it still worked out pretty well.

After that, we had the top remaining tributes answer trivia questions from the book using these questions (I got it from the same website as the cornucopia game). I'd ask a question, and whoever rose their hand answered first. If they answered correctly, then they got to "hit" someone else. If they answered wrong, they got a hit. And once a tribute got three hits they were out. I came up with the idea for this game myself and it worked out really well! They had to have knowledge of the book but we were still able to incorporate the killing aspect of it all (without actually killing anybody obviously).

The top 4 tributes!

Me announcing and asking questions while the spectators watched.

We ended up with the top tributes and they totally pulled a berries trick on us! Haha I asked the last question and they both rose their hands up together, which means we had two victors, just like in the book! I didn't even plan this, but I thought it was really funny and clever. What more perfect way to win the hunger games? :)
Sorry for the blurry photo!
Effie with the two winning victors!
 And then after the games were done (which everyone loved by the way), we just had socializing and party stuff. So much fun!

By about 10:15, the party died down. It was set to end at 11, but I didn't mind that they left a little earlier. It felt so good because so many people came up to me right before they left telling me how much fun they had and how great of a party it was. Loved it! My roommates and a few others were just left over by the night's end.

In short, it was a wonderful night. Definitely one of the best! I don't know why, but I really love planning parties, especially when it's for something that I love. It made me happy to see so many people having fun and knowing that I planned it all! And also, I have to thank my roommates for helping me out with it all because there's NO way I could have done it by myself. So...Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. :)

If you want to read about all the other aspects of the party, just click on the links below!

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