Bright, Bold, Blue

Friends, I am pleased to tell you that today I wore a yellow cardigan instead of that blue one! I don't think I would have worn it anyways, considering the fact that it would have been a lot of blue, but still it feels nice to do something different for a change. I would have taken pictures for proof but totally forgot to bring my cardi with me when I went to take pictures. But it's okay, the challenge continues for the week!

Now for a different topic, what do you feel when you see the color blue? I know it's often portrayed as a sad and mellow color, but wearing this bright blue today in my skirt made me feel empowered and noticeable. Blue is such a gorgeous and wearable color (take the navy blue cardigan for example) and I think sometimes we take it for granted that we don't notice it as much. It's in our jeans, jackets, school colors (for BYU anyways), and even in the sky for heaven's sake, that it tends to be a color that's just there, one that blends in with the rest of the crowd. I think something I would like to try doing more is making blue more noticeable, more of a statement color than just a "there" color. Can I do it? Can you/will you do it? Haha I sound like I'm speaking for charity or something, but really! This skirt has inspired me. You can never have too much blue :)

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