....I get in really weird moods where I just start blabbering on about stuff I probably shouldn't be talking about. It's really funny for the people around me because I just keep going and then realize I sound ridiculous.

Take today for instance: I was in the hot-tub with some friends and we were talking about relationships and I just started going on about boys and how I want a boyfriend and blah blah. I wish I were a better explainer at how these things go on. These moods tend to happen around once a month and always around boys. Once I told a boy, "Okay, you can kiss me!" It's been a laugh ever since.

Anyways, I'm really tired right now and falling asleep in my bed (even though it's covered with a lot of stuff. I know I promised another Hunger Games party post today but I'm afraid I'll just fall asleep at the computer trying to write it. Therefore...it will have to wait until hopefully tomorrow. I'm terribly sorry my friends, but I do need my sleep.

So yeah, I'm going to bed. With my koala bear Kuddles cuz I'm cool like that. Night peeps. :)
Also, when I was randomly writing stuff at the beginning of this post. It's the aftermath of my crazy talkative mood. Lucky you got a taste. Or I'm just tired.

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