Hunger Games Midnight Showing

Let me just say, that this was probably one of the most, if not the most anticipated midnight showing I have ever been to. I think it was the most anticipated for me, even more so than Harry Potter, because I wanted to see how everything was done and portrayed. I had no idea what it would look like!

My roommates and I decided to make shirts instead of dress up to the premiere, just because we'd already dressed up for the party and it wouldn't have been super comfortable to wait in line all dressed up, especially me wearing my Effie costume. So Wednesday night we went to Walmart and got black shirts and gold spray paint. I cut out a mockingjay stencil to put on the front of the shirts and then a District 12 one to put on the back. We live in Apt. 12, so we decided it would be appropriate to represent! haha. You can see the pictures we used here and here. The district 12 one was cropped from a photo like this. We went to the parking lot across the street from where we live and spray painted the shirts there. Don't worry, we've done it many times. ;)

The shirts turned out SWEET! We washed them that night so that they wouldn't smell when we wore them the next day.

Thursday night was the night of the big movie release! Oh man was I SO excited. I was seriously crazy at work and everywhere else because I couldn't focus on anything else. I was just was too excited for the movie. We went to wait in line at around 7 and since I had some free Chick-Fil-A combo meal coupons, Heidi and I went and got dinner for everyone while Talya and Stuart waited in line and the others got there. Once we ate all our food, we had some time to wait in line so we played poker (Texas Hold Em' style)! You probably don't know this about me, but I LOVE playing poker and the times I've played I've done pretty well (I just play with chips) and I totally wiped everyone out! Oh ya!
Heidi and me
We played poker for a while and were about to play Skip-Bo, until they opened up the theater at about 10:15-10:30 ish to let us go inside. We sat in the theater for a little while and took pictures...
Haha I just looked at this picture and realized the guys are on either end and all of us roommates (minus Olivia who didn't come) are in the middle. Cute. :)

Stuart and Talya had taken some pictures inside a photobooth so we decided we wanted to do and went out of the theater to take some pictures and also get some photos of our shirts. Man, I love my roommates. We had so much fun taking a gajillion pictures being crazy.

Then we went to the photobooth and got crazier...he he
We did two filmstrips and then we went online later to see the video it took of us in between pictures. Here's one of them, we were laughing so hard when we watched this later. We think we're pretty funny :)

You can see the other video here haha. After we did all that fun and crazy stuff, we had to go back to the theater because the movie was starting in less than half-an-hour. You can imagine our excitement! The movie started and basically....


But that's for another post later. I have so many thoughts on the movie that I don't want to make this longer than it already is! But I am dying to get them out, so the post will come soon, like tomorrow or Tuesday (when I'm seeing it again!). Stay tuned! Did you see the movie? How did you like it/did you dress up or do something fun for it? Tell me! My mind is still in such a Hunger Games mindset it's all I can think about right now. So tell me all you want about it and I'll love you forever!

Seriously though, one of the funnest and best nights of my life. :)

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