Exciting News!

Sooooo...GUESS WHAT. There's this competition called "Sewvivor" on the Family Ever After blog, so I decided to enter my purple dress, really it was not a big deal. It was just a taking a little chance. Over 170 people entered and only 10 were going to make it. And we know how talented everyone in blogging world is and I looked at the entries and there were quite a few way better than mine.

Well today they announced the winners and in my head I knew I wasn't going to win, and then as I'm scrolling down, BAM! There was my purple dress and a link to my blog! I was so surprised but SO happy. It really just made my whole day a bajillion times happier. So I get to participate in Sewvivor, isn't that so great?!

Basically what it is, is a competition where you have different challenges every week in April and then the people with the least votes are out for that week. Based after the real show Survivor! If you want more info, you can click on the button on my sidebar (that says I'm in the top ten! Really, I'm just super excited about it!). So pretty much when voting time comes around, I would looove your help in voting for me! I want to make it through as many rounds as I can and I'm going to work really hard to make AH-mazing projects.

Anyways, that's all for today. Sorry I've been bad at posting, but just so you know, I'm always posting regularly at my other blog Kiki's Krazy World if you want to follow me there! See you later, alligators!

(YAY!) :)

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