[Hunger Games Party] Costumes

It's the moment you've all been waiting for....time for the costumes! Want to see how me, my roommates, and other party guests dressed up for the event? Well here goes!

In the invitation, we gave people a lot of options and ideas for how they could dress up. They could dress in reaping clothes (like a dress, or a button up shirt and slacks), like their district trade, or a capitol citizen. Many of the people came dressed in regular clothes but we had quite a few in costume as well!

My roommates dressed in reaping dresses. They went to DI and got dresses, and my roommate Olivia just borrowed one of Heidi's dresses. Coincidentally, the dress Talya found from the DI was the same one Olivia was wearing, and Kelsey and Heidi's dresses were almost the same color, so they were both matching pairs! It was pretty cute actually. They got theirs from DI as well and the dresses were too longs so they hemmed them (Kelsey didn't have time to hem hers so she just cut it off which looked fine as well).
Talya and Oliva
Kelsey and Heidi
Pretty much everyone else that came dressed up was dressed like their district trade. I loved seeing the costumes people came in!

District 3 represented technology by wearing any kind of cords they could wrap around themselves. I wish I had a full body shot, because they had cords wrapped around their legs as well. It looked so cool! Susan (far right) even made her own circuit so that it was playing music from her. Sweet!

Some boys from District 7 came dressed as trees representing the lumber district...

And Kelli and Travis also came from District 7, dressed as lumberjacks!

District 8 citizens..

One citizen from District 11 came dressed as corn, representing agriculture. I loved her costume, it was so creative!

And what did I dress up as, you might ask?

Effie Trinket!!
It was the obvious (and AWESOME) choice to dress up as Effie since I had planned the party and was pretty much organizing it all. I found the crazy and wonderful Effie-ish pink headband at Ross (who would've though, right??), the shirt came from DI (it had long sleeves before and I shortened it to short sleeves) and I already had the pink skirt and shoes. I curled all my hair and pinned it to one side. I have to admit that this picture doesn't completely do the costume justice because it looked really great! I got so many compliments on it. :)
My shoes!
So I'll just say it again, I LOVED my costume. So much. I didn't give you too many pictures of it here, but when I post about the actual party tomorrow, there will be plenty! So no worries :) Happy Hunger Games!! (because GUESS WHAT. The movie comes out tonight! Eeeep!!!) Are you going to see it, and are you dressing up? If so what as? My roommates and I made awesome shirts that I will be showing soon, no worries :)
I really like this picture of my roommates and I. I feel like it shows off our costumes nicely :)

If you want to read about all the other aspects of the party, just click on the links below!

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  1. oh my gosh, this party seems absolutely incredible!!!
    i was wondering how you could dress up, but now i am inspired. LOVE IT!
    xo TJ


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