Ironing Board Fail

So I bought this really cute ironing board at DI a few months ago, but it became problematic when one day, the board just refused to fold down. We seriously tried everything, laying it down, standing it up. And everyone that came over took a shot at trying to get our ironing board to fold. But it would not go, that stubborn thing. So it sat standing in our living room for about a week and a half. For the Hunger Games party we had to put it upstairs in one of our rooms haha. I took the cover off because it was really cute and we were just going to donate the board back to DI but then decided people there might not even want it if they couldn't get it to fold down. So we went outside and decided to just throw it in the dumpster just outside our complex. Haha this is what happened.

Heidi and I laughed so hard when we watched this and I don't even know why! But pretty much we though it was hilarious. A day in the life, eh?

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