Do you ever see people that you once knew, talked with, or had a class with, but you’re not really friends with anymore? It happens to me seriously all the time! It happened today at work where I saw a girl who was in my ballet class fall semester of Freshman year. We didn’t talk to each other a ton in that class, but it was every day, so you recognized everyone in the class, if not knew them by name. I just remember one day this girl and I ended up being stretching partners.

Anyways, today when I saw her, a thought popped into my head thinking, “I wonder if she would recognize me…and I wonder if people that I always recognize remember me too?” I should have been braver, but all I did was ask her if she was finding everything okay and then she was like, “Hey, how are you?! You were in my…”

“Umm…ballet class?”

“Yeah, I think that was it!” The question I’d had in my head before was answered. We had a short conversation after that of how she was graduating in April and had just finished her Senior Showcase, and then I helped her with info about a dress. Basically nothing special happened, yet I left that chat with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a new resolve.

I sometimes tend to think of myself as invisible, that I observe and remember everyone around me, but no one even pays attention to me. But thing is that people are people, and they have feelings and memories. If you recognize someone else, chances are they probably remember you too. So why not say hi and be the person that remembers and notices? We all want to be noticed and paid attention to; it’s a natural human desire. Even if they don’t remember or need their memory jogged a little bit of how you know each other, they’ll feel flattered you noticed them.

Because these situations happen to me all the time, I’m going to try and change how I act in them. I’ll say hi to the person I remember, because if they were in my situation, I’d want them to do that too. It doesn't mean I'll walk away with a new best friend, but I will walk away feeling happier. :)

Human interaction is one of the greatest things we have in this life, and let’s face it, the more you have of it, the better you will feel.

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  1. I agree, I too often feel the EXACT same way! The way you wrote it, puts it perfectly. It's awesome that you were able to talk with that old friend again! =)


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