Runways and Birthdays

Just sitting on my couch watching Project Runway right now (while brain-storming for my Sewvivor project!). Do you guys watch it? Who do you want to win/think will win? Personally, my favorite is Mondo. I have loved him ever since he was in Project Runway the first time. And as crazy as Austin is, I really would like him to make it to the top 3. I think he's a talented designer. It'll definitely be a tough decision tonight deciding who makes it to the final three because the four designers there are all pretty good. If I had to choose three though..it'd be Mondo, Austin, and Kenley. I didn't love Kenley a ton at first but she's really grown on me and she keeps coming through each week. Also she's a girl and it wouldn't be nearly as fun have three guys in the finale (although some of them act more feminine than actual girls do hahaha). Guess we'll see! I cannot WAIT for the finale! This season feels like it's gone by incredibly fast so it seems crazy it's already here.

Guess what?! Tomorrow is Barbie's birthday (like the doll)!! In case you don't know me, I collect Barbies and love them so much. I get the Barbie Collector magazine as well, so it's pretty great. And Saturday is Carrie Underwood's birthday! The only thing better than her birthday...is my birthday. Seriously. I told you I love barbies, but I LOVE Carrie Underwood. Let me stop before I you see how crazy I get about CU. So expect a barbie inspired fashion post tomorrow and a Carrie Underwood one on Saturday! After all, it's only customary. :)

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