Slices of Life

Me and my best friend Kuddles. I tell her everything and must sleep with her. We're pretty tight. ;)

 Pinwheel cupcakes to eat at work for Cara's birthday. (how to do them here)
(Oops, I totally dropped a whole egg in the batter while making them)
Psychadelic :)
 Going to Cara's birthday party that night to eat cinnamon rolls and socialize. Love these beautiful ladies I work with!

One night Olivia was french braiding Kelsey's short hair and it looked dinosaurish or like a little mullet because it was so small...needless to say, the laughing came easily.

Going to Cee Ryle's last gymnastics meet before State (which I won't be able to go to, unfortunately). Gracie played around and had me take lots of pictures of her. Cee Ryle did awesome at his meet and got first place on parallel bars!

After the meet I went with my family and extended relatives to eat at Chick-Fil-A and then to the dollar theater and saw "We Bought a Zoo." It's a tear-jerker and a heart-warmer. Definitely a must see!

Cute outfit of the day..purple tights! :)

My roommates were on a water polo team (I was on it too, but I never played because I was always busy so the few times I went I was the cheerleader) and this was after their last game! They win the award for...best sportsmanship ;)

Oh and one more thing. I'm in the top ten for the Sewvivor competition! Totally didn't see that one coming but I am super excited!! I wrote more about it here and you can also click on the button below to read more.

And those are just a few happenstances of life as of late. I like recording all the small things that occur in the week. :)


  1. I want to eat all of those cupcakes, they look so good. Also, the water polo sounded fun.

  2. congrats on moving forward in the sewing competition!! That is incredible! You are so talented at sewing. I don't know if you need votes or anything, but I will for sure vote for you if its like that! haha


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