Hunger Games Inspired Fashion: Reaping Dress

Today as I caught a quick glance at myself in the mirror before I left for work, I realized that I looked kind of like a girl going to the reaping today.

With my plaid button-down dress, it had that cotton-y feel and look that it was something a simple girl from the Seam would wear.

With a side french braid in my hair, it reminded me of Katniss and it also made me feel like a little girl again, heading to a place that she isn't sure she'll be able to leave.

 And my shoes. Simple white flats. Worn a little bit at the toes and the heels, but still nice and cute enough to wear.

Obviously since I'm 20, I'd be too old to even take part in the Reaping for the Hunger Games. But with plaid and braids, it made me feel a few years younger, back into girl-hood.

In case you are unsure of what the reaping is, let me explain. It takes place in Panem, where the Hunger Games books are set. Every year the Hunger Games happen where 24 tributes, a boy and a girl from each of the twelve districts in Panem, are chosen to fight to the death until there is only one victor standing. The Capitol does this to remind the twelve districts that they are in charge and that they could stop any district that tried to rebel. There was once a District 13, but they rebelled and then the Capitol destroyed them and made the Hunger Games to keep control. So in case you have never read the Hunger Games (shame on you) that's what they are about and I'd highly recommend reading them.

Seriously. You will love. them. This week my mind will be on the Hunger Games a lot considering the movie is coming out in just 9 days and also I'm throwing an awesome Hunger Games party on Saturday! More info and pictures on that later, don't you worry. The party will be the BEST. The end and good night. :)

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