Cardigan Queen

I realized that I wear my blue cardigan a lot...maybe too much? The nice thing about fashion is that there truly are no rules and it's all about your style (but by wearing that cardigan every other day I might not be keeping the fashion police away haha..). Anyways, it's just hard not to wear my navy blue cardigan! Let's face it, navy blue is definitely a staple color, especially in my wardrobe, and I feel like that cardigan seriously goes with everything I wear. Also, I wear cardigans a lot because I always get cold at work and sometimes it's too warm outside to wear a coat but too cold to just wear short sleeves. Enter cardigan.

Obviously I love cardigans probably more than anything else in the world, and I have quite a few, so my goal for the rest of this week is to not wear my blue cardi. Think I can do it?? Just watch me!!! :)

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