Welcome to College

Welcome to college. It's the place for you!
There's a school for everyone (I chose BYU).
Classrooms, hallways, and buildings galore,
They probably even have a bookstore.
There's parties and freedom with lots of late nights,
Just make sure you have some hours of sleeping tight.
You get here, excited to start anew
Even more excited to leave mom's vegetable stew.
Unpacking and decorating your room, it's all so great!
Hopefully you get some nice roommates...
Saying goodbye to mom and dad
Will probably make you a teeny bit sad.
The first week is filled with job-hunting, new teachers,
Lots of syllabi, and cheering your football team from the bleachers.
You dance like crazy and make plenty of new friends,
It's all fun games until it all ends.

Then it becomes....

Boring classes, three tests in a week;
Camping out in the library, forget about sleep.
Teachers are piling on homework and reading,
It’s a miracle if you can make time for eating.
Awake all night trying to study for a test
Only to take it the next day and get a D-minus.
10-page paper due one day, a presentation the next,
The realization comes—you’re taking way too many subjects!
The happy campus you thought you once knew,
Becomes a place crazier than the zoo.
Too many girls on diets, trying to avoid the "Freshman 15,"
"I quit," becomes some students' new routine.
There are couples all over, dotting the grounds,
When single people see them, their smiles turn to frowns.
The first snowfall comes: you get slush in your shoes
And make a resolve to buy some rain boots.
You get so homesick missing your parents,
These bills coming in make you scared to pay rent.
Students get creative, taking naps any place they can find,
A bench, a chair, the floor, anywhere to recline.
Going to great lengths to keep yourself alive,
And as the end of the semester nears, you think you might just survive!
Finals come and go and before you know it, you’re done!
It’s probably okay to have some fun.

And so…

The parties return, excitement is bursting.
No more worrying about a grade that is hurting.
You think to yourself, “Now that wasn’t so bad,
Next semester will be cake compared to that!”
And so in your ignorance you go online,
To register for classes at least one more time.

Welcome to college, it’s a little bit wild,
It’s exciting and scary, leaving life behind as a child.
Just know that one day, when you are old and gray,
You’ll look back on these times, smile, and think, “I loved those days.”

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