Mission Goodbyes

Today was an exceptionally bittersweet day. My cousin Alex has been preparing to go on a mission pretty much his whole life, and today was the day. My uncle and him flew out and then me, my mom, my aunt Zildy, my sister Gracie, and my cousin (Zildy's son) Tayevion were all able to go drop him off at the MTC today.
Eating lunch at Rubios before dropping him off
haha Alex's last request was to get a jamba juice...hey and apparently if you go there the day you go to the MTC they'll give you a free jamba! sweet!
best cousins :)
My uncle Derick (Alex's dad) gave Alex his name tag from when he went on his mission. It was really cool.
Studly mish
Father and son
our whole group :)
final goodbyes
And then there he goes... :(
Alex is my closest cousin, because he's only a year younger than me and there aren't any other cousins really close to our age. We grew up together and we've stayed close. I love him so much and I know that he's going to be an awesome missionary in the San Fran/Oakland California mission.

In Guatemala together

And now...
Love you Alex, and I can't wait to see you in two years! Go share that gospel!! ;)

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  1. My roommate is actually going to the San Francisco/Oakland Temple visitors center, Mandarin speaking mission in May. Hm, small world. I wonder if they will get to know each other?


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