Presidents Day Weekend

I spent it all with my family and it was wonderful. On Friday and Saturday I went with my mom, dad, brother Cee Ryle, and sister Gracie to go to a gymnastics meet Cee Ryle had down there! The drive was kind of long, but I honestly kind of love long drives because they mean relaxation. We listened to music, I talked to my mom while my dad got a chance to sleep, and I read. We stopped in Cedar City at this gas station called "Love's" that also had a Subway and Carl's Jr. inside. I sat at a table with Gracie while my parents ordered the food. We had fun taking lots of "funny face" pictures together. :)

Yeah..we're a little crazy haha. After dinner we continued onto St. George where we stayed in the house of some nice friends of ours and watched tv and ate ice cream! Yum :) We packed up in the morning and then took off for the meet!
bright and sunny in St. G!

In case you don't know how gymnastics meets are run (at least the boys ones), because I definitely didn't know before my brother did this, this is how it is:

There are a certain number of teams at the meet, usually about 5-6. It depends. There are different levels ranging from 4-9 (my brother's on level 5) and sometimes the meet is just one level or sometimes they'll combine levels, like have levels 4 and 5 in the same meet. In this case, the meet was small so it was combine with levels 4-9. For the medal awarding though, they divide it up by age group and levels so that it's fair. Then the boys go with their team and rotate doing each event. So usually there are multiple people competing at one time. There are 4 events: floor, pommel horse, parallel bars, and rings.The highest score you can get is a 15, but then you can actually get more points than that if you do something more difficult or not required for the level because it's harder. They award medals for each event and then also award them for the All-Around of course. They get your All-Around score but adding up each of your scores from the events. Haha if you're confused, it's totally understandable because it's Cee Ryle's second year doing gymnastics meets and this still gets me.

Anyways, the meet was kind of long, about three and a half hours of sitting on a hard bench. Needless to say, we had lots of snacks, Gracie colored a lot, and I progressed much further on the Harry Potter lego game on my ipod touch haha (don't worry, I watched Cee Ryle during his turn on the events!). It was CR's best meet but he still did pretty well. He got 2nd place on parallel bars (missing 1st by only a tenth of a point) and 7th on rings (I think), so he got medals for both of those. I'm so proud of him because he works so hard training three times a week and still has a lot of other stuff he does during the week. Go Cee Ryle!

We started the 5-hour drive back home after the meet. We got some linner (lunch/dinner) and headed back. I wrote a letter to my friend Jessica on her mission and then practiced spelling words with Cee Ryle, who won his school spelling bee (for the third time in his life)! Told you the kid's awesome :) Oh and we stopped at Love's on our way back and decided it's our new official stopping place whenever we go to southern Utah haha.

Sunday was spent going to church and then celebrating my grandpa's birthday! It was fun to get together with all our extended family..they are crazy and I love them!

I started feeling sick on Sunday but really got a load of it when I woke up on Monday morning. I cannot seem to stay away from colds :( I slept in until about 10 AM and then just spent the day relaxing with my family and doing whatever. I love having days off of school! Then that night I went back to Provo with one of my roommates and the happiness of school began again. haha :)

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